Thursday, July 1, 2010

OK, this is new.....

It's a mild week here in southern KY this week meaning instead of it being already in the 70's when I ride to work, it's moving up out of the 60's.  Now I am fine with the weather, it's really nice after these really hot days lately.  However this has brought about something new that I had yet to experience on my scooters.

Until this season all I had to ride was my Burgman with it's big nice wind shield.  This year I've started driving my Stella more and more to work.  So yesterday I took off to work like I normally do.  And, yes it was a little cold but totally bearable.  I rode all the way to work being cool, but never uncomfortable.

We have all ridden in the cold.  We get to where we are going and we have to rub our hands together, rub our legs, rub our cheeks trying to get them all warm.  But this was the new one.  Have you EVER had the coldest part of your body be YOUR ARM PITS??!?!!?!!

I mean come on, I don't EVER in my life remember my arm pits being the coldest part of my body.  Is it the air-flow on a scoot with no wind shield?  Is it the way I sit on it?  What gives?

Needless to say, I wore the good old 'light-jacket' this morning.....


  1. I ride with no windshield year round and have yet to have armpits be the coldest... must either be airflow through your clothes or the way you are sitting or something...

  2. Ummm, I honestly don't know how to answer that one! I have heard it said that something was colder than a well diggers behind. Or colder than a witches mamary gland. But NEVEr colder than a scooter drivers armpit! Loss for words, yes me! wow