Thursday, July 29, 2010

OK, So I wimped out....

It's late Summer.  What does that mean?  Random who-knows-where pop-up thunderstorms.

I hate it.  Every day I look at the 'by-hour' weather report.  Monday and Tuesday, the likelihood that I would get wet was VERY. HIGH. so I didn't ride to work.  But Wednesday, finally a break in the weather.  I could ride.

I did take precautions, I put the rain-gear in under the seat and rode the larger scooter.  I made sure I was ready.  Then, the call came...

Wifey had run up to Bowling Green (about 20 minutes north of here) to run some errands.  As she was headed out of town she texted me saying "WOW, Had to pull over due to the rain!".  Nice, the rain is THAT hard??!  I quickly checked the radar and sure enough, all of these little pop-up storms were everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  Not the nice little green spots either.  BIG RED spots with just a little green outline. 

My mind starts racing.  Yeah, I don't mind getting a little wet.  I rode to a rally 3 hours in rain (totally drained me, but that's another story).  Wet isn't the issue.  I WAS afraid of being blown off of the bike in a storm with lightning and heavy winds.

I sat there a little longer... 
I checked the radar again...
I thought about it....
I checked the radar again...

BOOOM!!!!!!  (the thunder starts at the plant)


I checked the radar again....



Me (to anyone generally):  OK, I'm going to take a little break and go change vehicles.

Everyone knows I ride.  I have even gotten VERY nice follow-up text messages from folks here asking if I had missed the storm on the way home.  So, people (that heard me) just grinned.  Some said "Yeah, good idea."  It's only maybe 20 minutes round trip so, and I always get here 30 minutes early.  I didn't think anyone would care. (No-one did.)

I race home.  The wife, knowing I was coming, had even left the garage door open so I could just shoot right in.

So I run in, swap keys, kiss the wife thanking her for her thoughtfulness, and head back to work in the truck.

All is good, but....


Yes, more thunder.  But NO RAIN!

I knew it.  Every time I wuss-out and do something that I think was the smart thing to do this happens.

Of course, I play it off again.  (like the flat tire)  I just tell everyone "Hey, I just took the hit for all the other guys who ride to work.  Because you know:  I'm a giver."

To quote Tony Soprano:  "Waddayagonnado..." 

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