Monday, July 19, 2010

The "Scooterist/Homeowner" Dichotomy (as I see it)

As Scooterists (or anyone who rides 2-wheels) we can't wait for that time of the year with the temperatures rise to the level that it's REALLY fun to ride.  For me that means not having to ALSO pull out the insulated coveralls, and the thick gloves, and something to protect my neck from the cold, etc.  However with those warmer temperatures come the dreaded RAIN.  Can you ride in the rain?  Yes.  Is it as fun as riding in the Sun, NO.  Is it as safe as riding in the Sun, NO!  So on those days I choose to take the 'other mode of transportation' meaning my little red truck.  I tuck inside of that enclosed box, and look at the clouds on the horizon and think "No, you won't get me today.  ah-HA!!"

As a homeowner with a yard that you want to look it's best.  When summer comes you look at your browning grass and just WISH that a little rain would come.  I won't even get into all of the farmers around here and their need for rain for their lively-hood.  With the way I handle stress, it's probably better I didn't follow my father on that one.  I get stressed enough over a 1/4 acre of grass, if I had several hundred (or thousand) acres of crops that I needed rain in abundance for me to feed my family I would be beyond a basket-case.  But I digress....

I want my yard to look good.  Yes, I could water.  But I do not think that is the best option.  So I do want that rain to come.  And I want it to come often so that my grass (or the above mentioned farmers) have all they need.

But could it come at night??  ( Don't hate...)

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