Sunday, September 14, 2014

2011 has it been that long???

So, I was at a Scooter rally this past weekend and out of a random conversation the topic of blogs came up.  Of course, i think... Oh I had a blog once..

I go to look it up and wow, April 2011?  Oh blog how I have forsaken you.

So call me inspired.

For the sake of catching all of my followers, up it's been a weird few years (He snorts at his own witty remark and thinks 'followers!, you wish').  When I started this blog, we'll just say that my life was in a very different place.  Over the last few years life has changed quite a bit.  New job, with less free time.  Fewer chances to just get out and ride.  Then, new friends that draw me back in.  Then a better job in the same company but with more free time.  Then more chances for going to rallies.  Then more friends.

Yes.  Friends.

I am very fortunate to be able to attend rallies in other towns.  I like to meet the club, meet new people, see great scooters, and partake in what we will just call "Scooter people shenanigans".

Granted, this means different things to different people.  To me, this means just meeting new people that share a common passion.  The ability to sit around over Mexican food or coffee and laugh. Or, to go to the opposite extreme have very surprising intellectual conversations where you learn things things you never knew.  Yes, the later situation is less frequent but it does happen.

I've had the chance this year to take a long ride to two rallies.  Both Memphis, TN (about 500 miles round trip not counting the riding done while there) and Lexington, Ky (about 460).  I remember the same feelings on both legs of the trip.  On the way there, the feeling of excitement of what the weekend will bring.  On the way back, the smiles from the memories and friends made.  And even the longing for the next time because the weekend was SUCH a great time.

This weekend was no exception.  You know when you are having a good time?  When you are sitting at a restaurant for breakfast you realize it's "Wow, I have been here 2 hours...  I don't want to leave but I have a 3 hour ride ahead.." So like removing the 'proverbial band-aid' you suddenly get up to make your leave.

I'm not saying every one is like this.  But these times do make it more memorable.  And definitely why I will continue doing this.

I am also not saying I am alone in this.  I know my experiences at rallies are similar to many if not most of my like-minded scooter-folk out there.  I just say I consider myself very lucky to have found it.

And now to quote one of my best Rally friends.... "We Rally, Cause we Can!"