Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I did it!!

So, last week I told you about getting the new parts to fix the wife's brakes on her Honda Elite.  Well, after being so busy all weekend I couldn't get to it, I decided to at least get half of it down last night.

I was thinking that I could at least get the wheel off and the old brakes out one night, then put the new ones in and put it back together the next.  But once I was able to get into it, I found the job to be less than I thought.  I was ready with my downloaded shop manual.  I KNEW that it wouldn't be the nice, clean, pristine Elite that I saw in the pictures.  But every thing should be in the right place right?

I'm so glad that the repair went smoothly.  I would have HATED to had to somehow get it rolling enough to get it into the truck and get it to a mechanic.  That's my fear. 

I've had that issue with a car.  I've had older model cars (before all the electronics) that I've thought I would do a 30 minute repair, say changing spark-plugs and wires.  The repair would quickly turn into an hour and a half due to my stupidly not paying attention to my firing order and getting the wires out of sequence. 

I've also gotten into the repair only to realize I DO NOT HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED!!  I really hate that.  Either I don't have one thing that I should have gotten to put everything back together, or I don't have a tool I need.

This time, I was in luck.  My only but of "Now what" came when i went to remove the larger nut that was over the end of the axle.  BUT, I remembered another set of old sockets that I had received from my friend Adam.  He had gotten them from a nice older man who he had become friends with. 

You remember your grandfathers toolbox that was under the work-bench.  The one with no two sockets from the same set.  The one with one working and at least one non-working ratchet?  Yeah that's the one.  BUT..

It had the size socket I needed and a long handled 'breaker-bar' (for those who are not tool inclined it's a tool that you can attach to a socket with an extra long handle for leverage).  It was PERFECT for the job I needed to do, how lucky was that? 

I did of course need a little help from Wifey.  Due to the fact I was sitting on my rear-end at the back of the scooter trying to loosen (then tighten about 30 minutes later) the big nut on the axle I had to ask her to come out and hold the back break so the wheel wouldn't turn. 

This morning, I rolled out the newly repaired scoot.  I had driven it around the block to make sure all was well and it seemed to be, but I wanted to take it on a slightly longer trip before I let Wifey take it out.  I would (obviously) not want the wife to have trouble due to something I screwed up or even worse wreck due to it. 

I'm happy to say (as of this writing at least) all seems to be well.  I will probably double check some bolts when I get home (not that I think they are loose but it doesn't hurt). 

I did of course find things that I DO need to add to my toolbox.  One, I need to look into getting a torque wrench.   I have the specs for tightness from the manual.  But I want to make sure I don't screw something up.  Two, a LONGER extension for my socket set.  The little 4-inch one I have wasn't enough.  I have a couple of beat-up knuckles this morning.  And three, either a flexable extension (they make those now) or an adapter with a universal joint in it.  There were a couple of places I couldn't get into due to the angle and how close it was.  Not having these didn't keep me from getting the job done, but it sure would have made my life a lot easier.....

Well, keep checking back.  Further posts in this blog means that the trip home was successful too....  (just kidding)..

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