Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Same ride, different view...

So today I finally got to take the Stella to work.  Nothing like the wind in your face to wake you up.  Two things I've learned.
  1. If you wear a button up shirt, be careful of the collar tips.  Man they can sting.
  2. I am really needing to consider the small wind shield.
Other than that it was a beautiful ride.  The things I talked about in my previous post are still true.  But with one great addition.  Honeysuckle. 

Growing up  I knew that summer had finally arrived when I started smelling it everywhere.  The past few days as I would turn out on the main road, I would see a large patch of it in the corner.  MAN does that smell good.

I can remember growing up on the farm, out in the fields on the tractors, and above the smell of all the diesel smoke, dust, and grease once in a while you would get a nose full of honeysuckle.

I'm sure it was in PA.  I vaguely remember it, but I guess being home makes it more robust.  Maybe there is just a slightly different smell to the flower in PA.  One that was not as familiar.

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