Sunday, May 16, 2010

Of Pigs and Pie....

This past Saturday we had the good fortune of a weather report changing in our favor.  We originally were going to head out early to Louisville for some 'anniversary weekend' fun then we decided to change plans and stick around town.  We decided to take out on our scoots for a ride for lunch.  We had gone north to Bowling Green so this time we decided to head south into the rolling hills of northern Tennessee.  

As I'm backing the scoots out of the garage I see this one big ominous cloud.  Instantly reminded of the many times in PA that we were caught out in a down-pour I really didn't want to do it again.  A quick check of the weather report gave me a little more confidence and we took off.

The route was basically take 31W south from home, through Franklin, across the TN line and then find lunch.  The consensus of the day (being 2 of us it's not that hard..) was BBQ.  We hadn't had any in a while, and since we were back in the south we thought that it wouldn't be that hard.

The trip down was uneventful with one exception.  That ominous cloud disappeared.  Not only that, most of the others disappeared too.  The sun came out and it turned into quite a bright sunny beautiful day.

Well, we get down to White House TN and think it's high time for lunch.  Only problem was that we couldn't find the BBQ place, well I guess it was a little harder to find BBQ than I thought.  No problem, a quick call to the big-Sis who works in this town put us quickly on the right path.

Needless to say, this BBQ place was decorated very similar to how several are down here.  Lots of pig paraphernalia.  Scooter Ninja Pig was not pleased but kept quiet through the meal which was very good.    And this place even served a dessert named 'piggy puddin'.  All Scooter Ninja Pig would do was sit motionless on the table and stare at us.

As we are finishing our meal we decide to ask for dessert.  As the very nice lady is giving us the list I hear my favorite. CHOCOLATE. FUDGE. PIE.  I mean, come-on.  (I decided to pass on the piggy puddin' trying to mend fences with our little friend.)

My pie comes. YUM..

Now, I have to say the wife and I have been discussing the need to lose weight.  And although I know she wasn't going in this direction when she said it, as I started my lovely pie I hear...  "OK, so what are we going to do next week to start loosing weight?"  ***clink***crumble***** scoooooottttt.

"NO!!, that's not what I mean.  Please eat your pie." She says laughing....

(Oh yeah, and as I type this she is in the kitchen scooping both of us Ice-Cream.)

Well, I eat most of it, but the joy was mostly gone.  But hey, it was CHOCOLATE FUDGE PIE!...

Well, we pay our tab and gear back up for our continued ride.  Not being that knowledgeable about the back-roads in that part of the area yet we decided to take a pretty direct route back home.  Back out to 31W and North home.

One of the best things of our little rides is stumbling across something (not literally).  This trip on the way south the wife saw a hand written "Furniture for Sale" sign on the side of the road in front of this older business.  Currently it looked like the business was in transition at the moment so we weren't sure what we would see.  But what the heck, we have nothing but time this afternoon.

WOW, we walk in and find that it's someone is selling a LOT of very nice wrought-iron furniture.  Tables, stools, bed-frames, etc.  We will definitely be back once we get a little money set back.

OK, back on the road we head north.  Along the way I get bold.  In PA, I realized the only way to learn my way around was to just make a turn and monitor the compass.  So as we come to a 4-way stop, I ask the wife if she minds a detour.

"Sure!" I hear. (That's my little scooter girl.)  So I take a right on a major road thinking if it has a big 'route' number sign we can at least get somewhere that will connect to somewhere else we want to go.  Sure enough, after about 15-20 minutes there was the next big 'route' marker.  We hang a left and head back toward the North.  Now I do not claim to be big mister trail-blazer.  But I did have a compass and I had a general idea of where we were.  However we weren't getting there in about the time I thought we should.  YEA TECHNOLOGY!

I wave us over and pull out the phone.  I recently found that I had a GPS application that would find where we were.  A quick check gave told me where we were and we quickly got back on the road toward Portland TN.

As we start rolling into town, we start seeing people along the side of the road in lawn chairs.  CRUD, we had talked about this.  This weekend was the Portland Strawberry festival.  I knew this was happening but led us that way anyway.  Luckily we made it out way before the parade started.

One small thing.... People, I know a parade was about to start but THE ROAD WAS STILL OPEN! Please don't take your child in their stroller down the middle of the outside lane.  What if someone hadn't been paying as much attention as we were.  OR if it had been a Semi-truck,  common sense.  That's all I wish for you.

Anyway, we make it through Portland taking the reverse parade route and make it back home.  All in all a great day.  Of course I have a riders tan (like a farmers tan but no dirt in your teeth).  And the sweetie... Let's just say sun makes the cutest freckles come out on her face.  I know everyone isn't the fan of red-heads with freckles, but for me I think it's just the cutest thing ever.

Oh, I just forgot something from earlier.  Did I mention that Scooter Ninja Pig likes pie too??

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