Thursday, May 6, 2010

A morning ride...

The morning ride.  The world seems new, the birds are searching for their first meal.  The smells of fresh cut grass, breakfast, flowers, and the air itself seem to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

All is great, then the attempts to ruin the mood. The smells of the garbage truck, diesel smoke, exhaust from non-maintained vehicles (and recently stagnant water from the flooding).

I choose to remember the former, not the latter.  My morning ride puts me in such a great mood for the day.  I smile more that day.  I look forward to the slightly-longer different route home at the end of the day (guilty pleasure).

So when the 'bad stuff' attempts to creep in, I remember that sage phrase on a sticker on the back of my helmet.
"Quitchurbitchin".  I believe that's German for "Have a nice day."

Everyone have a safe, happy day.

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