Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The voice-mail.....

So, Saturday my wife and her best friend went shopping in Nashville.  I take the opportunity to take a nice ride out though the country.  The weather was great all was well with the world.

So, I stop to top off the tank and as always I check my phone to see if I have missed any calls.  I had one, the wife had called.  I kind of thought I would, so I checked my messages...

In a VERY sexy voice I hear, "Hi honey, I've got something hot,.. sweet,... and sticky for you." (end of message).

I'm obviously floored.  The wife NEVER leaves me this kind of message, but at the same time a little intrigued.

I head home....

So the wife gets home, she has this BIG GRIN on her face.  She walks in with a few bags.

She pulls one bag out in particular...

And with a big smile says, here is what I got for you.

My wife, she knows how I LOVE doughnuts....   :-)


  1. Oh my... I'm SO jealous! Wish we had those wonderful "Hot Doughnuts Now!" here! When I was a kid, my aunt would take us to Krispy Kreme, we'd park in the parking lot and sit there and wait... along with lots of other cars full of people waiting. The MOMENT that "Hot Doughnuts Now" light would come on, it was a MAD DASH into the store! Love it... what wonderful memories!

  2. Dude, when we got those doughnuts in the car, I set them on my lap and they were warm through the box! My friend and I both had to eat one right then! :) So yummy. Love KK

  3. Oh, and Mitch. I know what ya like, that's why we been hitched so long.

  4. I turn 40 in 8 days. doughnuts have replaced drugs in the sex, drugs, rock and roll mantra.