Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You just gotta smile....

We don't have "Motorcycle Parking" here at work.  However due to the way the parking lot is laid out there are two big areas at the near end of the the parking areas that are used by those of us who ride.

This morning was a new one, I decide to ride the bigger scoot (Burgman 400) to work.  I didn't think that I was taking that long to get to work on my Stella, but the few minutes difference caused me to run into a guy I normally pass on the way in.

Now, I do not know this guy.  I'm sure he is a nice guy.  But he was THE personification of a hard-core biker right down to the leather vest with all the patches on it.  So as I'm tooling into the parking lot, he is just getting off of work and getting on his bike to leave.  I'm trying to drive slow so that I can time my entry into the space as he pulls out.

Now to his credit, he quickens his pace a bit to go ahead and move out of my way. (See above, probably IS a nice guy.)  However right as he has his goggles in place and is ready to pull away and right as he rolls onto the throttle the bike dies.

He isn't looking toward me.  But I see his head drop, then shake, then one more jerk as if yelling 'something' at the stupid Harley for dieing right in front of the Scooter Nerd....  Then after a few tries, he gets it started and almost breaks traction leaving the parking lot because he applied a little too much throttle.

It's the small things that just make ones day.


  1. beautiful!! It IS indeed the small things you've gotta watch for.

  2. LOL You make me laugh. He was probably humiliated!