Sunday, April 25, 2010

Well crap...

Well, I went to ride my Scoot work Thursday.  I was all excited, had all my gear on, helmet, gloves.  Briefcase stowed....

"Rrrrrr-Rrrrrr-Rrrrrr"....CRAP.... "Rrrrr-Rrrrr-Rrrrrr".  No juice.  We had already had nice long rides this year, we had been over 250 miles.  Dead, just dead.  I guess I was lucky, this was the 4th year on this battery (Note: I'm not usually good on batteries.)  I never put them up for the winter.  I don't put them on a trickle charge.  Yes, I pay a premium for my laziness.

Oh well.  Have the new battery, about to charge it and put it in.

On a much nicer note.  I decided to also charge Stella's battery too since I couldn't get her to start either.  Quickly found the problem.  When your battery cable is tight, all is lovely.

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