Friday, April 30, 2010

Odd man out....

Well, being that it's Friday I decided to join the other folks here in the office for lunch.  As things work out, we had 1 more person than we had 'comfortable seats' in vehicles going to lunch.  Not a slight, it's just math sometimes.  No big deal, I offer to drive myself.  I'm on the Scoot anyway.  I'll just drive myself and get in a ride too.  That's thinkin'.  :-)

Well, after filling my tank yesterday and finding that my mpg had fallen all the way to 56 a good 'blowing out' was in order.  So I geared up and took the I-65 the 4 miles down to the restaurant. 

Nothing like zooming down the interstate.  Sasha (my Burgman) liked it too.

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